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Top 5 Songs [entries|friends|calendar]
Top 5 Songs

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[02 Feb 2005|08:00pm]

2.a perfect circle-imagine
3.asteryu-lip gloss and black
4.avenged sevenfold-unholy confessions

1.blink 182- dammit
2.blink 182-what went wrong
3.kittie-into the darkness
4.killswitch engage-end of heartache
5.Him-gone with the sin
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Recruitment [14 Jan 2005|02:06pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

any lists you make, please xpost to de Book_of_ListsBook of Lists!

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top 5 songs I just started obsessing over [24 Nov 2004|08:38pm]

they may be older songs, but still as great:
1. Ziggy Stardust--David Bowie
2. It;s still Rockin roll to me--Billy Joel
3. Behind Blue Eyes--The Who
4. Dream On--Aerosmith
5. Breakfeast in America--Supertramp
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Top 5 ballad songs [12 Nov 2004|02:00am]

1- Celine Dion - Because you Loved me
2- Michael Bolton - To love Somebody
3- Sarah Mclaghlan - Adia
4- Elton John - Can You Feel the Love Tonight
5- Shania Twain - From this Moment
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Top 5 Most Imsparational songs [28 Oct 2004|02:43am]

1- Celine Dion - The Reason
2- Duncan Shiek - Barely Breathing
3- Melissa Etheridge - I take you with me
4- LifeHOuse - Somewhere In Between
5- Shania Twain - You've got a Way
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Top 5 songs that have touched you in some way [22 Oct 2004|08:42pm]

1. Deep Water--Jewel
2. Freshman--The Verve pipe
3. Jumper--Third Eye Blind
4. Iris--The Goo Goo Dolls
5. Adia--Sarah McLachlan
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Top 5 songs you've heard live [22 Oct 2004|08:32pm]

1. Silent Legacy--Melissa Etheridge
2. White Flag--Dido
3. Mexican Wrestler--Jill Sobule
4. Love is a Battlefield--Pat Benatar
5. Call Me--Blondie
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top 5 songs to listen to when you are drunk [19 Sep 2004|11:27am]

1. Dancing Queen--Abba
2. Star Trekkin- The Firm
3. Heart of Glass--Blondie
4. Underdog Victorius--Jill Sobule
5. Jerry Springer--Weird Al
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what are the.. [10 Sep 2004|04:01am]

top five songs to play at a graduation ceremony?
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Top Five Songs By Your Top Five Fav. Artists. [30 Aug 2004|10:37am]

1. Alexisonfire - - Get Fighted
2. Boys Night Out - - The Anatomy Of The Journey
3. Mandy Moore - - Only Hope
4. Matchbook Romance - - Playing For Keeps
5. Story of the Year - - In The Shadows
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Your Top 5 Favorite New Album Songs [24 Aug 2004|09:13pm]

[ mood | curious ]

1. Scissor Sisters - Laura
2. Scissor Sisters - Return to Oz
3. Alanis Morissette - Eight Easy Steps
4. Alanis Morissette - Excuses
5. Melissa Etheridge - Tuesday Morning

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[20 Aug 2004|11:31am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Top five songs we've heard from a Broadway show...and liked/disliked

1. Memories--Cats
2. Mamma Mia!--Mamma Mia the abba musical
3. Sugar Daddy--Hedwig and the Angry Inch
4. Midnight Radio--Hedwig and the Angry Inch
5. Wig in a Box--Hedwig and the Angry Inch

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[18 Aug 2004|01:48pm]

What are the top 5 songs that get stuck in your head?

Mine are:
1. Skee-Lo "I Wish"
2. Hanson "Weird"
3. Maroon 5 "She Will Be Loved"
4. John Mayer "No Such Thing"
5. Deep Blue Something "Breakfast at Tiffanys"

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Top 5 Songs That You Could Never Hear Again and Not Mind (AKA the Top 5 Most Annoying Songs) [16 Aug 2004|08:53pm]

(In no particular order)

1. Kelis - "Milkshake"
2. Dirty Vegas - "Days Go By"
3. Britney Spears - "Everytime"
4. Dave Matthews - "The Space Between"
5. 311 - "Who's Got the Herb?"
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;-) [16 Aug 2004|08:18pm]

Top 5 songs i've downloaded off the computer:
1. Celebrity Skin--Hole
2. Sparks are gonna fly--The Catherine Wheel
3. Right Now--SR71
4. Rockabye--Shawn Mullins
5. Freshman--The Vervepipe
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Top Five Songs That Have/Had A Special Meaning For You [15 Aug 2004|06:48pm]
[ mood | awake ]

1. Deeper- Hanson(w/Michelle Branch)
2. Please Remember- LeAnn Rimes
3. Elephant Love Medley- Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor(Moulin Rouge Soundtrack)
4. Get Happy- Judy Garland
5. If You're Not the One- Daniel Bedingfield

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[15 Aug 2004|01:31pm]

Okay, here's another...

What are your Top 5 Songs of Your Senior Year in High School?

(if you're still in high school, just say your top 5 right now)

comment with your top 5!
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[15 Aug 2004|01:14am]

I'm in..

The Grateful Dead performed a set at the closing of the Fillmore East in 1973 and you can buy a 4 cd set of this.
Of the songs on this (yes, it ought to be obvious I like them and own a copy..) here are the top five I have burned onto a mix cd, to which I play on any given roadtrip even if it's a trip to work.

1. Truckin
2. Bertha
3. Sugar Magnolia
4. Me and My Uncle
5. Second That Emotion, a cover of the song by Smokey Robinson. (you just have to hear it..)
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[15 Aug 2004|12:19am]

Haha so, using Stacey(skippy_1702)'s advice I'm going to put my list of...'Top 5 Songs of the Summer'. Tada.. and I'm definatly changing what i wrote in my comment because I've thought of so many other songs that I love. haha so here goes..

1. Side walks when she walks - - Alexisonfire
2. Promise - - Matchbook Romance
3. From Autumn To Ashes - - Autumns Monologue
4. Mandy Moore - - Only Hope
5. Dashboard Confessional - - Vindicated.

And While I'm at it, I've decided to ask for your guys' help. I'm planning on painting a picture, but I was wondering if you could give my your 'Top five songs that can give me a mental picture that I could transfer onto canvas'!? Your help is much appreciated.
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songs that made it on the Dr. Demento album or other novelty albums [14 Aug 2004|11:50pm]

[ mood | amused ]

1: The Scotsman--Bryan Bowers
2: Star Trekkin'--The Firm
3: Masochism Tango-- Tom Lehrer
4: The Ballad of Irving--Frank Gallop
5: hello muddah, hello faddah (a letter from Camp)--Allan Sherman

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